Working Poor Road Trip – English

Working Poor Road Trip – English

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Working Poor Road Trip, 138 pages



The book brings the reader on a visual journey through facts and images of a Europe in change. During the last decade, a new category of workers has emerged: The Working Poor. The number of flexible employments, temp-jobs, platform-jobs and 0-hour contracts has exploded. At the same time, unemployment benefits and pension payments are being cut throughout all of Europe. Even in Denmark, poverty is knocking on our door, and the number of low income jobs is on the rise. Food banks are popping up all over the continent and millions of workers and unemployed are lining up for food and necessities.
This means that we, for the first time since World War II, are now seeing a generation growing up with fewer rights than their parents generation.
Despite all of this, we see hope and solidarity where we least expect it to show.

138 pages

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